About Crystal Case

There is the original Crystal Case – we deliver quickly and reliably at prices that you will not find anywhere else. Compare our prices, you will be convinced! We carry a wide selection of the original Crystal Case. The Crystal Case is the perfect protection for your phone. It protects your cell phone and your hand-held display from scratches and damage. If you would like a consultation on the current offers, we are of course gladly by mail available.


The Crystal Case offers your mobile phone the ideal protection, without which your phone loses its appearance. The Crystal Case is made of high quality plastic. The hard plastic plates have been manufactured to a high standard and sit perfectly and precisely on your mobile phone.


Key Features

Perfect and perfect protection for your mobile phone.
Protects against scratches and damage to the original housing
Protects against scratches on the original dipslay
Brilliant and clear plastic
Self-locking fastening system
All functions such as camera, keyboard etc. are retained